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This month’s Palliative Care Grand Rounds is now up at Pallimed: Arts and Humanities. Christian Sinclair gave out awards in his grand rounds to the great posts of September. The honors go out to the best and the brightest palliative care bloggers including our very own Dan Matlock for his now “award winning” investigative article on the ravages of S.O.D!!! I heard Dan was in the running for this year’s Pulitzer Prize for this piece, although the video on Baxter the Therapy Dog will likely take the honors.

Christian did a great job of finding other fascinating posts ranging from the redesign of PubMed to an Oncologist describing the death of one of his patients. Check out Palliative Care Grand Rounds and check out the links – you’ll be glad you did (just bring a box of Kleenex for Baxter’s Video).

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