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As we are coming up at the end of the calendar year and almost to our 250th podcast, Alex and I wanted to give thanks to everyone who has supported our podcast.  We have an exciting lineup of podcasts coming out in 2023 and three major updates that we are excited to share: 

Ok, here is the big announcement: we just got support from Archstone Foundation to develop CME/CEU for GeriPal podcasts!  This is our very top feedback we get from listeners, and we hope to have it up and running by April.  So, stay tuned.

The other announcement is about sustainability.  It costs us several hundred dollars to publish a single episode of GeriPal.  With an episode every week, the costs build up. Thanks to over $18,000 of donations from individuals and with the generous ongoing support from Archstone, we have been able to publish 245 podcasts to date.  To continue to publish high quality content, we have two asks:

  • With a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more, you can help us cover the operating costs of producing a high-quality podcast that reaches a diverse and growing listenership.  To learn more and to donate, click here
  • You’ll also notice that we started occasionally playing ads for job openings at the start of the podcast. If you are interested in sharing job openings by becoming a named sponsor of a podcast for $1,000 per show, email us at

Thank you again and happy holidays GeriPal listeners!

Eric and Alex

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