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Many GeriPal readers may be familiar with Eric’s 2011 JAMA article “Finances in the older patient with cognitive impairment.” But many of you may not be. Despite Eric and co-authors’ groundbreaking JAMA piece, there is a surprising absence of literature on health care providers’ role in assessing their patients’ ability to manage their finances and non-health affairs. There is a parallel void on how (and whether) health care providers should counsel patients about planning for incapacity to manage financial affairs.

We are conducting an informal survey of health care providers to glean preliminary information about whether providers engage with patients about financial planning. We would greatly appreciate your interest and time to answer this brief (6 question) anonymous survey. The survey should take less than one minute to complete. The survey will be open until November 20th.

Thank you very much!

Yvonne Troya, JD

Clinical Professor of Law, UC Hastings Law

Helen Kao, MD

Professor of Geriatrics, UCSF

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